Play, learn & discover new talents

Your adventure begins at RIANT!

Play, learn & discover new talents At RIANT childcare, you’ll discover new talents while playing, each child in their own way.

Development in action & thought

Children thrive in a safe, trusted, and stimulating environment. Only then is there ample space for development in action and thought. And that’s what we provide; welcoming locations & groups, consistent pedagogical staff, and a wide range of challenging materials and activities.
At RIANT childcare, we create a nurturing environment for children aged 0 to 13 years old. From the tiniest ones taking their first steps, to curious teenagers embarking on their journey into the wider world

Childcare Almere and Lelystad – Unique care at charming locations

We offer unique childcare at charming locations with spacious outdoor playgrounds. Every day, fresh hot meals are provided from our own kitchen. We employ exceptionally qualified staff.

We offer unique after-school care at charming locations with a wide range of themed after-school care options. Every day, fresh hot meals are provided from our own kitchen. We employ exceptionally qualified staff.

Why RIANT childcare?

Spacious locations & activities

Spacious Locations & Activities Your child is warmly welcomed at one of our spacious locations, equipped with a wide range of play materials and activities. Each location has its own character, but all locations embody the same spacious feeling. Additionally, every space reflects our modern approach and commitment to quality.

Innovative & Collaboration

We are an innovative organization and aim to be pioneers in childcare. We believe in close collaboration with you as a parent, as well as in creating strong and unique bonds with employees and partners.

Professional & Qualified Staff

We take pride in our employees! Day in and day out, we provide your child with the loving care they deserve. Through play, we teach your child to discover new skills & talents. Our employees are trained for this, each with their own talents and passions.

Genuine attention

Every parent wants the best for their child. We give each child the attention they need at that moment. We also provide this attention to our employees and partners, so that we continue to inspire and stimulate each other to grow and develop continuously.

Ask a question directly?

That’s possible! Both by phone and email.